September 10, 2021

Practical Product Owner course

The Practical Product Owner course is set up in a modulair fashion and according to the TED (Theory, Experience and Deliver) principle. This means that every session follows the same pattern:

The theory and essence of a subject is explained
The subject will be hands on and in depth experienced
The exercise results in a ready artefact

The sequence of the sessions will be determined by the direct needs of the organisation. If the need for improvement is the highest in the delivery process we will start there and work our way towards the strategy. In other cases we start with the why and work our way towards end user feedback:

Content of the course

The course is designed to be 7 group sessions with hands-on coaching in between these sessions. The level and intensity of coaching depends on factors like group size, complexity, level of both the organisation as product and experience of participants. The sessions are logically grouped together based on certain phases in the whole system from strategy to usage of the products: 

Objectives phase

Session 1: Strategy

  • Systems thinking
  • Strategy
  • Business case – Business model canvas/Lean canvas

Session 2: Product high level 

  • Product Vision (Describe the essence of your product: why, for who, what and how)
  • Personas
  • Stakeholder management/mapping

Input phase

Session 3: Product specific

  • Impact mapping (set business goals and the way and means to achieve these goals)
  • Event storming (create a collective understanding with business, IT and stakeholder)

Session 4: High level planning

  • Prioritisation methods
  • Roadmap
  • Story map
  • Dependency mapping

Output phase

Session 5: Planning to sprint

  • Epic goals
  • User flows
  • UI/UX
  • Datamodel
  • Acceptance criteria

Session 6: Technical practises explained for non-tech people

  • CI/CD
  • Automated testing
  • ITSM & Agile & DevOps

Outcomes phase

Session 7: Feedback

  • Gathering feedback
  • Required data to validate objectives
  • Different kinds of feedback
  • Feedback systems

Note that this workshop does not focus on Scrum processes. During the workshop we actually produce real artefacts that are the basis for your products and backlog.  

After the workshop

After this workshop participants will have a clear view on the full scope of Product Ownership which is much broader than merely Scrum or the backlog. Participants will know about, and have practical experience with, numerous practical tools and activities which they can use right away. Participants will have knowledge on the toolset to organise and structure the flow from idea to customer feedback.

Please feel free to contact me for different configurations of this training (more/less participants, in combination with other trainings or consultancy).